11 12 2012

I just re-read my past 5 posts, and they all have to do with starting again. Starting this journey again that I never quite finish…but if I give myself enough credit, I also never really fall completely off. The truth is, I’m not as fit or thin as I was, but I’m also not as unhealthy or as big as I was.

So, instead of recommitting to start all.over.again.again….I’m committing to re-implementing some of the habits from when I was losing. I think this is what made me successful before, i changed my definition of normal, little by little. problem is, its so hard for those old habits to creep back in.

This week, I am recommitting to an easy one — not changing into pajamas when I got home from work. I’ve noticed that I’ve started doing this again. No more.

I’m not going to go crazy and add more things, just that one. I’m committing to that one thing. Ok, here we go…again. 😉



One response

19 01 2013

Girl, get back here! If I can, you can! I even have an entirely new blog! (ex Sunny from The Sunny Life, now…)

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