24 07 2012

I cannot get it together. 

Ok, that’s not really true.  I get it together for a while and then I feel like I lose it.

Ok, that’s not true either.  Ok — I am working out.  I am actually working out pretty faithfully at least 4 times a week.  I need to acknowledge this. 

But then, I’m eating out lunch everyday.  EVERYDAY. 

I don’t want to stop doing this.  I work so many hours, I seriously need to LEAVE during lunch.  It feels like a break.  I’d rather give up eating out at dinner.

Bottom line is that I’m eating too much.  And I’m not going to lose weight.

And I’m being mean to myself and saying mean things to myself.  And I don’t want to do this. 


SIGH.  I want to cry. 



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